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1) An unknown, unusual or otherwise obtuse object used in sexual intercourse.
2) A word substituted for "penis" when a person is too high/ buzzed/ stoned/orgasmically blissful/ hit-about-the-head-as-a-child/ drunk, or otherwise mentally hindered, to remember the word "penis."
3) obscene variation of the word "thingamajigger"
4) a large windmill
5) an Irish step dancer who is eminently fuckable
6) word for a means to jump-start sex (for those of us too lazy for the word 'aphrodisiac')
7) another excuse to say "fuck" in one way or another
1) Person 1: "That...uhm...the fuckamajigger."
Person 2: "Sybian machine? Dildo? Vibrator?"
Person 1: "One of those."
2) Guy: "My uh...kicked me in my fuckamajigger. The thing I fuck with, that I use to fuck, that I put in the-"
Other Guy: "What have you been smoking and why have you not shared with me?"
3) "You know the think with the little whirly bits that smells like toast? The red one? You know, the fuckamajigger!"
4) "Damn that thing is huge! What a fuckamajigger."
5) "He starts up that Irish jig and I just wanna have 'im fuck me senseless."
"Hmm, I love a good fuckamajigger"
6) "I heard that dark chocolate is kind of a jump-start fuckamajigger."
7) "Fuck the fuckin' fuckers' fuckamajigger!"
by Spork_damage April 26, 2007
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