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To "fuck up in 93" is to really fuck up.

This is a slang expression used loosely as follows:

•"you fucked up in 93"
•"you keep fucking up in 93"
•"i fucked up in 93"
you get the picture, it's an expression, basically. Defined:

1.) to really fuck up
2.) to make a mistake that one might regret.
3.) hypothetically speaking, to have died a horrible death in 1993 and been reincarnated as an imbecile in 1994.

4.) figuratively speaking, to have been alive in 93 and to (a) have made a very regretful decision that you never quite lived down, or (b) been dropped on the head as a young child or otherwise permanently damaged in some way, be it physically, psychologically, or any other damaging cause from the variety of infinite possibilities.

5.) To fuck up so bad that your friend(s) will never let you forget what you've done, especially if the teasing frustrates you.

6.) to be clumsy, using this expression as a reference to definitons 1, 2, 3, 4, as well as any of the possible combinations of said definitions.
fucked up in 93 make a mistake be stupid fuck up in 93 you're an idioti wish i had never you fucked up in 93 if you didn't keep fucking up in 93
by Surug January 16, 2014
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