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This word is actually from the 80's British BBC sitcom "The Young One's". It aired on MTV on Sunday nights. The series only ran for 3 seasons. It was a huge, huge hit in Britain.

In one particular episode, two demons are sitting around having a conversation while torturing a man via electrical shocks and horrible music. One of them is named "Ftumpch". During the course of their conversation is it revealed that the only way they can materialize in our world is if someone says their name. Ftumpch laments that due to his ridiculous name, he hardly ever gets called.

Sure enough, later in the episode, one of the main characters, Rick, the prissy Socialist mama's-boy, says Ftumpch's name, and poof he appears and sets off trying to torture anyone who will sit still long enough.
Rick: "All one needs is a 'Ftumpch', from the local authority."

Neal: "What's a 'ftumpch'?"
by 1078feba September 13, 2007
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