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(n); a frape of extreme magnitude, with potential to cause devastatingly embarrassing social consequences.

also as (v); to frurder.

Derived from the terms 'frape' {(n); Facebook rape} and 'murder'.
Billy: Haha, Shannon's left her Facebook logged in!
Gladys: Let's frape the bitch!
(2 minutes later)
Billy: Well, 'Shannon' has now posted the message she sent me telling me her boyfriend's crap in bed on his wall, changed her relationship status to single, and posted a picture of herself naked in Magaluf.
Gladys: We've totalled frurdered her!

Peterson: Larry, why does Facebook say I'm in a relationship with you?!
Larry: I don't know - why is your profile pic the one of us making out for a dare in your dad's shed?!
Peterson: Oh God, no! Samantha's commented "You guys are so sweet!" - she's never gonna go out with me now! This is totally the most devastating frape ever!
Larry: My mum just 'liked' the photo!
King Leonidas: THIS IS SPARTA!
by The 18th Pale Descendant March 02, 2011
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