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A term which derrived from a particular actress who ended up front and centre for virtually every song through a performance of godspell, and consequently claimed this technique in every show there after. it is now a term used to insinuate stealing the limelight, or being over confident, and also a term of derision or piss taking
bwahaaa. laura is front and centre. AGAIN.

ooooh get you. front and centre.

*sings* day by day. day by day... etc etc
by Divaaar November 15, 2006
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See front and center. (British and Canadian spelling of words ending in "er" or "or" are often spelled slightly differently than in the United States. For example: centre/center, colour/color.)
She was just the belle of the ball... she was front and centre and the managed to monopolize all of the invited guest's time... No one could get a word in edgewise.
by PlaceHolder June 16, 2004
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