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The title of the mythical Journey undertaken by an Everton fan through ancient Classical lands.
Often wrought by tribulations of practicality and derision of the local populace, our intrepid hero must travel long and far before managing to secure a proper brew.

Used more casually to describe a trip or task of considerable effort but which will potentially yield a positive outcome. It is not clear if the reward will be worth making the journey, and commitment can therefore be quite uncertain.
Bloody hell this trip to the local is such a Frodyssey. It's so far away.

The holiday turned into a right Frodyssey, we just wanted to spend a relaxing weekend in Rome but ended up fleeing from Italians dressed up as centurians.

I'm not going all the way to Sainsbury's just for butter, that's such a Frodyssey.
by Ipopbubblewrap March 16, 2013
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