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A friend escort service for social rejects that have no friends. They are there strictly to make it look like you have friends, no sexual favors involved. It's their friendship in exchange for your cash. If you're having a fight with your best friend or just broke up with your boyfriend, order a friendilo to make them jealous! They also make the perfect last minute prom and homecoming date. Similar to a gigilo, only it's a "friendilo"!
Carl: "Woah, Tom! Your new best friend is so cool!"
Tom: "Actually, I only paid for my friendilo until midnight."

"I'm so mad at Tricia right now! I'm going to order a friendilo for the party tonight so she'll get jealous and apologize!"

Since Lisa was a social outcast, she was forced to order a friendilo for her senior prom.
by bettyblack June 18, 2010
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