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The ugly fat girl (ie Land Monster) that is inevitably best friends with a group of attractive females, or sometimes, the attractive female you are trying to have intercourse with. Like an NFL lineman, she will do anything she can to prevent you from attaining your goal. More often than not, the only way to get past this seemingly unpenetrable defense is to have a friend (prefereably a land monster slayer), hook up with the friendasaur. Much like a soldier in combat, one loyal slayer must jump on this perverbial grenade for the benefit of the whole battalion.
Guy #1: I really want to take Lauren home tonight, but you gotta help me out with that friendasaur next to her.
Guy #2: Buy me 3 more whiskey shots and I'll slay her good.
by James "Weenah" Carter June 27, 2006
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