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a term created when the infamous B.G. was speaking with the infamous A.O.

the term is a label for people who aren't fucboi's, instead they are frickboi's.

The set rule of running in your group of frickboi's are when you leave a room, you must shout "FRICKBOIS, ROLL OUT!" then proceed by shoving the nearest elder or toddler.
"Wow, look at those fucboi's, they're so hot!" Hannah said, Kylie correcting her. "What are you talking about! Look at those frickboi's over there!"Hannah then said, "Oh gosh! You're right!"
by SovietStrudel August 12, 2018
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One that used to be a fuck boi but has been demoted to a frick boi
Lol Sam your going to get demoted from a frick boi to a heck boi... I am so embarrassed I know you
by Tonkraski September 13, 2017
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