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A mixture of French, German and English containing either lexis (words) or grammar from each language. Either used for fun or because some vocabulary isn't known to the speaker in either of the languages.

Entertaining when you're bored and interesting to understand.
Either written, spoken or used in text messages especially when a word in one language is shorter than the equivalent in another.
"Hi, qu'est-ce que du machst?" (En/Fr/De vocab, En/Fr grammar)
Hi, what are you doing?

"Parce que I kein Geld have." (En/Fr/De vocab, De grammar)
Because I have no money.

"Je know que you rien d'argent have." (En/Fr vocab, De grammar)
I know that you have no money.

Text message: I ai Nichts. I have nothing. (En/Fr/De vocabulary, En/Fr/De grammar)
The above is an example of how Freunglish can also be used for ease or speed.
by Freunglish_speaker June 10, 2008
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