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A new level of epic failure. Refers to the "Epic FreshFail Thread of 2008," where a certain member (FreshC230) posted photos of a Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG on the forums, and claimed it was his.

Due to his locality and age, members of the forum demanded proof, which he was unable to give. After a series of flimsy excuses, it soon became apparent that he had stolen the pictures off other sites, and eventually the REAL owner (Mafiosocls55) of the car showed up and provided proof of ownership. (The question of FreshC230's "fiancee", as of this writing, is still inconclusive, though preliminary findings indicate the photos are those of an internet model.)

This thread soon spread to other car forums on the net, and around the world, bringing down the server and leading to the "FreshFail of 2008" as readers flooded the site. The term "FreshFail" has come to indicate a level of failure above "epic fail," where one is very publicly, throughly, and humiliatingly pwned.
Man 1: I told this chick that I'm an up and coming actor in Sophia Coppola's next film.
Man 2: Bullshit, you couldn't act your way out of a paper bag.
Man 1: Yeah, but I told her Sophia Coppola thought I was super hot, and the the next big thing.
Man 2: So what happened?
Man 1: Turns out she's Sophia Coppola's best friend and casting director.
Man 2: Freshfail!
by pomegranatesix March 27, 2008
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1.the largest, most humiliating kind of epic fail. EVER.
2.Fresh C280
A 19-year-old bs-er gets caught for trying to pass a picture of a MERCEDES-BENZ CLS55 AMG at a dyno as his own (on car forum but gets caught when the real owner shows up. FRESH FAIL!!
by Pseudomin September 03, 2008
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