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In a way which radically tears down your old world view, yet provide you with something new and better.

To sincerely, using scientific method, dismantle a claim, point of view or world view, and offer a better solution.

To approach something objectively, using scientific method.

To be able to dismantle ideas and notions, and use that power only in humane way, which will benefit everyone.

Word was named after Jacque Fresco (1916.-2017.)

Competent, generalistic, logical, wordly, objectively, humanely, scientifically.
"He talked to me in a way so frescovian, so fresh and new, that I just stood there, thinking "My God, what fool I was all this years"

"When you think about it, nature can be frescovian. You look at it, and see how insignificant your old worries and notions were, and how much more important things there are."

"I hated arabs untill i saw arab child cry. Its tears in a frescovian way dismantled all of my old hatered, and showed me that we are all one."

"When I learned how big universe is, and how pointless all of our hate is, my old world view was in frescovian way so much shaken that it started to crumble, and it crumbled until it was all gone, and I started to see world with different eyes."
by Extensionalist July 22, 2017
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