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a lame ass highschool in the middle of nowhere texas aka wolforth or (lubbock). this school is the opitomy of clicks and dicks full of asshole jocks that think they're the shit but are actually just abunch of redneck,stuckup,ugly,dirty,ignorant and niave white trash pieces of shit and the girls are 100% slutty well 8 out of 10 anyways.
bill: hey that girls hot oh well shes no one cool or that anyone knows so i dont wanna associate with her.

bob: hah yeah lets go to the football game afterschool at frenship highschool since are lives sucks and we have nothing better to do.
by cc100 August 10, 2009
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Frenship High School or FHS is a 4-A school outside of Lubbock, TX in the suburb Wolfforth, TX. The academics are exceedingly wonderful, they have athletics as do all Texas schools. Some of the courses offered to the students include AP, Pre-AP and dual credit for the required courses(Speech, Foreign Language(French, Spanish, ASL and Latin), BCIS as well as the Core Curriculum(English, Science, Math, History)). Some of the Extra Curriculum include, band, choir, ag, athletics(volleyball, baseball, basketball, football, track/cc), art and so forth. The students get along farliy well with one another for a school on the large side of the medium rank, generally everyone knows one another. Band and Choir have received high honors in competitions.
Kiri: Hey did you hear about how Choir made State?

Amber: Yeah did you hear that Band did too? The school is supposed to throw a party for all the kids involved. This will be a first as for it is not for athletics.

Kiri: I know right? Well did you hear about Ashton?

Amber: Yeah its to bad huh? An injury like that could put him out for the season.

Kiri: Who did they say is going to take his place? I don't know the kid so I don't remember.

Amber: Kimmy's crush, Hog.

Kiri: Oh well I guess that SHOULD concern me huh? Oh well just another day in the life of a Frenship High School kid, we are really lucky to go to this amazing school.
by tameAwildHeart September 18, 2009
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