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Fregna is almost used as the word Fica or Figa. Mostly used in central part of Italy, recently has got a national diffusion.
La fregna de mammeta = Your mother's cunt
by Mariano Italiano January 09, 2006
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Synonym for fica, fregna is the most vulgar Italian term to indicate a vagina, and indeed rather similar to the English word cunt.

It is often used together with the adjective "dry", as in "dry cunt", in Italian: "fregna secca".

The reference is mostly metaphorical in this expression, so usually not to a non-lubricated vagina, but rather more to a woman who is boring, rigid, uninspiring, no fun, skinny and wrinkly.
"Ma che fregna secca!" = "What a dry cunt!"
by Gleufje March 21, 2017
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