A game where an individual must stay "frozen" for 10 Mississippi seconds when another person points and says "freeze ray". If they do not freeze they are then allowed to be punched. You get 24 freeze rays in one day, one for each hour, and 2 freeze rays per hour on Tuesdays. If the person you freeze moves while being frozen or does not freeze at all you get your freeze ray for the hour back. The purpose is to get someone frozen when they are in awkward positions.
Based on the freeze ray in Despicable Me created by SHPE @ Clarkson.
Adam (ginger) starts dancing
Hektor (to ginger friend): "Adam freeze ray"
Adam *stands awkwardly for 10 seconds* : I hate you mother f****r
Hektor: LOL
by Ginger with a soul March 29, 2011
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