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The sanctuary for discontent customers.

Lineage 2 was an example of a good game gone to hell. The company had allowed several chinese companies to farm the game money and then sell on ebay. NC was perfectly happy since the farmers paid for 20 accounts each, but I wonder if they noticed 50% of the REAL customers left because the chinese harrassed all the americans and the GMs didnt speak english.

Thats right NCsoft, you are fuckin retarded. I bet you didnt know that all your customers didnt stop playing, they went to free shards that had more uptime and better GMs.
Guy: I am fuckin glad someone started a Lineage 2 shard!

Girl: Yeah! what the fuck were they thinking when they bill us the days the server is down for 7 days!
by Fake Name December 07, 2004
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