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Frederic is a small town in northwest Wisconsin, there are about 1200 people in the city limits at this moment.

There isn't much to do in town, at the moment there is a bowling alley, and a pool hall. There is also the weekly bestiality show(though we prefer the more politically correct term inter-species erotica) in the town park/coon lake.

No one comes, but i fuck the horse anyway.

The closest superstore(a super Walmart) is in St Croix falls, which is 20-25 minutes away, if you're bored there is always something to do in Walmart(usually retarded (around here we prefer the more politically correct term "mentally hilarious") but always amusing).

There is a fine grocery store and dollar general in town. The closest theater is 10 or so minutes away in siren.

If you are looking to raise kids here, the school systems are adequate enough, if you're into the usual pointless imagination killing rote memory bullshit that is.

The smaller number of kids means that everyone at least recognizes each other, so there is generally a friendly atmosphere in the schools, and the teachers are alright, altogether they are pretty good schools for the average child/teen to go to.

There are actually 3 seasons for weather, the one that is too cold, the one where tornadoes come and fuck your house, and the one with too many bugs.

oh by the way, there isn't actually any bestiality, you probably won't move here now since that was the main attraction, but the truth has an ugly face doesn't it.
nancy: Hey Jim, lets move to this small town frederic, wisconsin, they have accepted me for a better job there!

Jim: I don't even know you or like you Nancy I don't give a fuck where you move and wouldn't go to your funeral if you died, oh and ok lets move to frederic, according to some douche on urban dictionary it is a decent place to live, I didn't read to the end but I heard that there is horse fucking.

Morgan Freeman: and they lived happily ever after...

this is my idea for a movie hopefully coming to theaters near you soon!!!
by max senalger April 19, 2011
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