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"Fraycest", coined by one Rebecca C., is the conjoining of two words: "Frank" and "Waycest". "Fraycest" has been used to describe situations in which a three-some is seen/alluded to between Gerard Way, Mikey Way, and Frank Iero, the lead singer, bassist, and rhythm guitarist of My Chemical Romance. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you view it, this is a fictional relationship usually only found in fanfiction/fanvids/etc, because seriously: Mikey's married (to a girl named Alicia), Gerard's engaged (to a girl named Eliza), and Frank's engaged and even set the date (with a girl named Jamia).

Please disregard the fact that Gee likes to feel both Mikey and Frank up while on stage. Or that Frank and Gee have acted like they are a couple on more than one occasion. That is all. Enjoy.
"...what the hell is "fraycest"?"
"It's the super-hawt secks between Frank, Mikey, and Gerard!"
" DO know they're all taken by women...right?"
"...yeeeeeeah. Whatever."
by The GasMask Brigade June 07, 2007
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