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n. compound word derived from 'fake' and 'raven,' the later term used to label naturally black hair on the rare person whose ethnicity does not dictate black hair color (e.g. Celtic, Southern European, and Baltic). This distinctly differs from an ethnicity that does dictate black hair (e.g. African, Asian, and Native American). Ergo, fraven is artificially black hair on someone who could potentially have naturally black hair. Term is gender neutral.

Most often found on emo and goth individuals. Intended as a counter-culture statement against flonde (fake blonde) and the accompanying mindset / disposition. Those with fraven hair virtually never grasp that fake hair color cannot be a true antithesis to another fake hair color. As artificially colored hair now makes up ~97% of all American females between the ages of 12 and 65, the truly counter-culture hair color is actually 'natural.'
Bob: "I see y'ur little girl's hair has darkened from Disney blonde to a boring, unsexy, natural brunette. How long b'fore her 'friends' convince her to turn herself into a flonde or a fraven?"

Paul: "Since her mother is not shallow enough to artificially color her hair and we promote education, not appearance, our daughter does not have any counter-productive role models."

Bob: "What're you, a terrorist? You tryin' to destroy A'murica?!"
by Bachelor boB December 29, 2015
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