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Particularly corrupt, incompetent administration of a once-credible government, corporation, or other organization. Especially those which talk a good game, and predictably play the exact opposite, often also arriving in power by illegitimate means. No good should have come of a fraudministration, except by accident.

It should be clear that those in the fraudministration lack any relevant skills, instead being cronies or ideological partners skilled only in fraud, lying, distorting truth, theft, cover-ups, nepotism, and inappropriately benefitting from ill-advised favors.

Enron and the Bush fraudministration epitomize the concept.

Also use fraudministrators.
Did you see the latest scam from the Bush fraudministration?

Enron's senior-level fraudministration sought to completely milk their core business, leaving market-manipulation and "creative accounting" as their sole source of income.

Recently installed top Kansas school fraudministrators began indoctrinating innocent school-children with ridiculous Creationist "science" while publically supporting evolutionary theory.
by froog December 18, 2007
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