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There are gods among boys, and there are gods among fratboys. A fratgod is a fratboy who is worshipped by fellow fratboys. One who wears a polo tucked in to some variation of khakis exposing the knees, sperrys, leather watch, and/or a fratshag or backwards polo hat and ray bans with croakies ; the epitome of a fratboy. Often has 2 or more sorostitutes with him at all times, except when he's broin' out with his fellow fratboys.
One walks past with 3 sorostitutes.
"Wow, look at that fratgod."

Bro 1: Dude, that group of girls all want your dick tonight.
Bro 2: No shit, what can I say? I'm a fratgod.
by theCATZpajamas May 06, 2010
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One who frats at the highest and utmost level. One who has reached the superior level of frattitude. The Frat God will always raise the fratmosphere in any situation he is involved in. Can be found tailgating, hazing pledges, bar hopping, and shacking with Plan A's. Drives a Chevy tahoe, or jeep grand cherokee. Hates anything that has to do with the GDI lifestyle. The Frat God is slightly elevated above a normal frat daddy, because he doesnt just practice the fratting arts, he perfects them, and formulates new advanced ways to frat.
GDI: That guy is so drunk and still getting girls, how does he do it?
GDI #2: He must be a Frat God, lets go play some guitar hero, i just finished my second beer im kinda drunk.
by BETAFRATGOD5 October 14, 2009
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