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Those friends which a fratboy only accumulated because of joining his respective fraternity. These "friends" may not actually like the fratboy or even share common interest but becuase they are in the same pledge class/frat they must hang out and be "bros". Fraterniships are typically weak, lame, and slightly homosexual "friendships".

Fraternifriends will have you back in a fight or douche off, but will always try to sleep with your girlfriend.

Anyone in a fraterniship is a douchebag

In esscence these are the friends for which his parents are paying for him to have.

Fraterniships also extend to every university in the world, i.e., All fratboys are friends because their parents paid for them to be friends with people at their school/
Example One
Chad F. "This here is my bro, Chad, he's a freakin' balla we're in the same pledge class at Lamda Chi"

GDI "Oh really? You guys are friends? What's his last name?"

Chad F. "....We're on a first name basis..."

GDI "What's his girlfriends name and number?"

Chad F. "Anna Catherine Smith, shes a Chi-O and her number is 1-234-567-7810"

GDI "Sounds like you fags have a sweet fraterniship going on there bud"

Example Two
Chad M. "Dude, your a Phi Delt?"

Chad D. "Yeah bro! We've never met but were still gonna act like we've been friends for years!"
by TayHawk December 05, 2011
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