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combination of fraternity and fantastic; but used sarcastically to describe someone or something stereotypical of fraternities.
Those rainbow sandals and pink polo shirt are frat-tastic!
by meredith* September 12, 2003
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To wear or do something that Represents a Fraternity so well it is fantastic.
Wow, Andy Drinking all that frat water in his pink polo shirt and boat shoes looks Frattastic.
by Andrew Corcoran June 12, 2008
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(1)Fratting it up by visiting more than one frat house in a short time span. (2)The frattiest of all frat guys. One who pops collars, wears khakis, and enjoys sailing.
(1) I had such a frattastic day, I drank at the theta chi house, went to the phi psi bbq, and then partied with pi kapp.
(2) He looks so frattastic in his light pink polo.
by princess April 08, 2005
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word used to describe how a Fraternal Greek looks/ acts ( AKA ~Swag'r)
Being "Frat-tastic", consists of sporting boat shoes, golf pants and a polo, leasurly. variations include aviators, a v-neck sweater vest, sweater wrapped around the neck, and shorts on a sunny day.
by Troy Roison February 08, 2009
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1. When a guy walks around with his collar popped
2. When a guy walks around with his collar popped and/or his viser upside-down.
Lookin' very frat-tastic John.
by Kina March 31, 2005
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