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the art of going to a fraternity, getting drunk, and randomly hooking up with some guy
"hmm, the walk of shame...must have been quite a night of fratting."
by PSUer November 17, 2003
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i.e. to be fratized

To start a nice conversation with a guy who is cute or hot (depending) or nice and seems cool until you learn that he's here at your friend's house/party/discoteca with a lot of his 'brothers' and that he's really only interested in you for your pussy, which he will most likely discuss in depth with the aforementioned frat brothers the next morning, if you give him any.

Don't give him any.

Bros before hoes is not part of the game that self-respecting women play; if a man wants intimacy he has to put you first. Women are not to be played with.
Co-op girl: "Man, I totally got fratized (frat (v) tonight."
Co-op guy: "What happened?"
Co-op girl: "I was at this party talking to this nice guy, but then I noticed that he kept looking over at his friends and grinning. It soon came out that he was a Gamma Yadda Yadda brother."
Co-op guy: "You should definitely stick to the way cooler and hotter co-op guys."
Co-op girl: "{YEAH i should!"
by sabiratree February 04, 2006
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