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To make up completely absurd details about any and every situation.
TO one-up someone.
To blindly attempt to belittle someone.
A pathetic attempt to sound smart.
Joe says "Yeah my dad is handicapped from Viet Nam"
Frank replies "What a fuckin pussy, I got shot 19 times at point blank range with an M-16 using titanium tipped, armor piercing
rounds. After I finished my tour there, I started to learn
the art of the Samurai. When I mastered that I got all my
engineering degrees, my culinary arts masters, english major,
started my own business, became a governmental deadly weapon,
won the world bull ridding championship, built and raced 1000 HP
cars, had several genius children, became the largest drug smuggler
in the south (i carried duel 9's to keep safe), had a quadruple
bypass, helped my uncle designed the commonly used spacecraft
for NASA, wrote and published several books before for you and
your family was born, owned and ran a strip club, bowled professionally
for 5 years. And that was all before I was 30. Now I engineer price
quotes for new builds"
Joe says "Frank, aren't you only like 32?"
Frank replies "Old enough to kick your ass"
by dirka dirka April 29, 2005
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