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An all encompassing term to represent mystery presents which children request and no one knows what they are, and neither can the child identify what exactly it is.

Taken from the movie Bad Santa.
"What do you want?"
"Fraggle stick car."
"The fuck is that?"
by Eric Vaughn June 24, 2008
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response when something so bizarre happens that NO ONE knows what to say in response.

This phrase comes from the move BAD SANTA with billy bob thorton. a child sitting on his lap asks for a "fraggle stick car" which of course has no point of reference because the words FRAGGLE, STICK, and CAR have nothing to do with each other.
(two men witness a car speeding by that is on fire and has a goat behind the wheel while the driver sits on the roof smoking crack)

person 1: umm, wow. did you just see that?
person 2: fraggle stick car.
person 1: totally.
by dasproteus June 25, 2009
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