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Fractal Art is digital art made with fractal software, such as Apophysis, or Tierazon. The programs plot the fractal on a graph, and then colors in parts of it that you tell it to. This is why fractal rt is digital art.
Some people (idiots) decide right off the bat that fractal art isn't art, even though it, as well as other art, has the ability to effect people's emotions, and it takes a creative mind to make it look good. It's art whether you like it or not. (Besides, if a man pooping in a can and selling it on eBay is art, why not this?)
Fractal art is very trippy looking. It is thought that only hippies love it, and while this may be true for the majority, there are plenty of people who aren't on drugs who also love to look at fractal art.
Find a tutorial on google and start making your own fractal art. :)
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Very crazy, trippy form of art especially while on muchrooms,lsd or even marijuana. look it up on and image search
this fractal art is trippy
by cam to the ron January 29, 2006
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