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1. An insult used to describe a person of inferior intelligence.
2. Anyone that is at a lower proficiency in a skill than you, such as first-person shooter skills.
3. A person that is at a lower stature or rank than a n00b.
4. Someone with no skill or proficiency in any area of gaming skill.

Variant background includes the original newb which turned into noob, noobie and n00b in the online arena. Users in chat rooms detached the 'n' and replaced it with 'fr', which eventually ended with the 'let' suffix. First recorded appearance in a chat was in AOL Arts and Entertainment: Magic the Gathering.
"You stupid fr00blet, I can't believe you did that!"
"Damn fr00blet, get out of my way."
"Wow, I pwned that fr00blet!"
"That fr00blet doesn't know what he's doing."
by Azrael December 03, 2004
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