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A guy you are hooking up with, but are not techinically dating.
Girl 1: Sorry, I can't I have a date with my boyfriend.
Girl 2: He asked you out?!?!
Girl 1: Well...not yet...
Girl 2: OHHHH! You mean you have a date with your foyfriend.
by Staceeeeeeeee January 20, 2009
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You spend a lot of time with him, go on 'romantic' non-dates, talk on the phone, email, text 24/7, BUT you are NOT intimate.
He is your fake boyfriend = Foyfriend.
by tarzangirl529 January 20, 2012
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Faux Boyfriend. When a girl wants her guy friend to act like her boyfriend but doesn't want a physical relationship with him. She likes the attention and security.
She brings her foyfriend to everything that her couple friends do so that she isn't unaccompanied. Foyfriend needs to open doors, carry packages and act like her boyfriend. She is jealous when he spends time with other girls and she wants to know where he is/has been.
by P.B.M July 23, 2009
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