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(Foxy, Foxy Methoxy)
5-MeO-DiPT is often characterized by a strong feeling in the body, sometimes described as buzzing or energy, which some users enjoy and others hate. The effects sought by users include moderate mood lift, euphoria, a sense of well-being, intensification of tactile sensations, visual effects, physcial and mental stimulation, occasional auditory distortions/shifts, and for some users, a significant erotic component. Visual effects may include open and closed eye patterning, movement trails, and brightening or shifting of colors. We have received no reports of completely engrossing visions or hallucinations, or of powerful entheogenic voyages with 5-MeO-DiPT.
by kefka March 05, 2004
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This is the dome drug that "The Fox" (a.k.a. Christopher) and I have extrodinary expertise in. We discovered this mad unschwagness at the likes of the grill G.H.S. If you did not know the swillage and lineage of the great F to the O to the X, you shall now learn it's intimate, "grill mad fox to my dome, face swill" history. It has been a key schwag component in the makings of the dome Declaration of Indefuckin'pendence, the swillness of the infamous grillage of Adam and Eve in the epic, domeness of the Holy Bible itself. Word, for Foxy includes all chill beliefs, for the shizzit is in the Fox. For example, the blaze story of the biddies of the mudmen, whom were rolling on said Foxy Methoxy whenst the whole of the domes of mankind discovered that they wereth created from the nug mud that they had been seshing to their face for the past thousand dome years.
And so that is it g-thang, homeskillet, and home-frie that a goddamn brick of foxy that you have there? Let me sesh some of the face grill dome nug nome gwill srill! Taste-a-fuckin'-licious! Cheerio from your Foxy Methoxy Othodoxy Oxy Epoxy lovers, Chris "M. Fox" and Anne "Mme. Fox"...the illest of the Foxes.
Three schwags of fox to my nug grill!

I blaze three foxes to my grill and nugged a dome past the schwag face!
by anne March 21, 2005
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