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leete, designer of, gamer, geek
hey, I say fortlag on planetside last night; he ownz!
by fortlag September 06, 2003
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Legend on the FFXI (Final Fantasy XI Online) Bismarck server. Creator of incredibly successful linkshell "Burnination." Fortlag has recieved well over 20 awards from the Bismarckian community. He is a constant aid to his friends (and strangers) inside and outside of the game.

His only downside is his hot temper when faced with blinding stupidity, however Fortlag will take quite a lot of abuse from someone before opening up and ripping the offender a new one.

Fortlag is not someone to be screwed with. He WILL ruin your shit if you mess with him or, especially, his wife.

He runs and can be found in the greater Atlanta area roaming the streets with his friends and family.
Noob: /sh Hey, could someone help me out?
Fortlag >> Noob: what do you need?
Noobs >> Fortlag: wow thanks for the quick reply!

RandomQuester: /sh I need a skilled mnk for a promyvion run!
Fortlag >> RandomQuester: I can help you.
RandomQuester >> Fortlag: But... you're a taru...
Fortlag >> RandomQuester: but I can outdmg that elvaan mnk over there that's 3 lvls higher than me.
RandomQuester >> Fortlag: let's give it a try..
RandomQuester >> Fortlag: Damn you're strong! Nice gear!

<Kaiko> goddammit another taru melee naysayer... Fort show up for ballista, we gonna own these fools
<Fortlag> maybe in a bit... I need a "break" >.>
<Kaiko> again? how much does your wife pay you for your services???
<Fortlag> \(^^)/
by Kaiko April 16, 2006
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