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A popular youtube celab who makes lego movies also called ''Brick Films'' mainly lego Batman vids.He had over 125,900 in october 2010.He betrays Batman as a big cussing A**hole and he Betrays Robin as a probly gay sissy boy that Batman throws stuff at when he talks.
also batman kills his villain in the Forrestfire101 universe Forrestfires real name is Forrest Whaley ,Forrest was even Interviewed for an episode of Nick News in summer of 2009,He Is also rumared to have started the whole lego Heath Ledger Joker thing and the Lego Tim Drake Robin thing.
Fameous forrestfire101 Quate:God Damn it Batman you and your crack habbits -lego Robin
by Skinny Zach October 14, 2010
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