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The part of the foreskin that in some human males overhangs the end of the penis by a variable amount. When they are longer than normal, and/or have careless owners, they are in great danger of painfully meshing with metal zippers, prompting a quick visit to the hospital ER. While the forelips are mostly unremarkable, they contain very many blood vessels and sensitive nerves. They should not be trimmed or removed, unless a competent urologist confirms they are excessively long, and may interfere with urination or procreation.
Adam had a reputation for being extremely well-hung, but most of it was due to the extra long forelips he was born with!
While stationed in Antarctica, Brads's forelips got a severe case of frostbite. Luckily they were long enough that the base doctor could simply trim them back to a normal average length.
by Huexiong April 23, 2018
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