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Something most guys rarely do, but when used shows how much they love and respect that girl. It's the sweetest kiss a guy can give to a girl. It's his way of saying I love you, and need you without any words. Something very special to any girl who's had the pleasure of receiving one.
I love her, so I gave her a forehead kiss.
by Thatblondemaddie November 08, 2015
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It's when someone who deeply cares for you kisses your forehead. The forehead kiss is not out of lust, it's for respect, protection, love, and comfortable. A forehead kiss can make hearts flutter, it can connect two hearts into one.

Forehead kisses can also be sad, sad forehead kisses of farewells and goodbyes, forehead kisses of friends drawing the line at forehead kisses only.

Forehead kisses are treasures that are often mislead.
He bent down, brushing his lips gently on the top of her forehead. "A forehead kiss for my girl."
by saddreamer December 06, 2015
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