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A completely awesome word that should be used by every single person in everyday conversation. A combination of the words "fop" and "muffin," it does NOT refer to a muffin who acts British. In a certain poor quality dictionary, the word foppish was defined as "of, or relating to, a fop." The word "fop" was not present in said dictionary. Though the word originated as a censor to a certain other word that begins with f, its use is almost unlimited!
Dude: Like I was justa chillin' in my crib. ;P
Girl: What the fopmuffin?

Dude: *stops talking for a several minutes on IM*
Dude: Was that said for a reason, or does it just mean "SPEAK!"?
Girl: The latter. :P
by Rosella500 September 19, 2006
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