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Someone with a ridiculously obvious foot fetish (i.e. fapping to feet and often complimenting the sexiness of some random person/character's feet). To some degree, all footmasters generally masturbate to foot fetish related pictures and videos on Internet sources like Deviantart at least once if not twice or thrice per day, although secretly. Many footmasters are probably under 18 years of age and would probably not take terribly kindly to it if another footmaster made foot fetish art of them. However, some teenage footmasters have proven to be so narcissistic that they have actually made I-pad recording videos of themselves teasing themselves with their own bare feet and then masturbated to the self-made videos.

Named after someone who is actually literally named footmaster on DeviantArt.

"It seems that if someone on DeviantArt isn't a footmaster, he's usually either a gaymaster, a voremaster, a fatmaster, a fartmaster, or some other random fetish that I can't remember off the top of my head right now..."

Basically, a compound word of "foot" and "masturbation"; in other words, one who masturbates to feet.
You know those guys on DeviantArt who create foot fetish fanart of practically everything that comes to mind? God, what a bunch of fucking footmasters
by xandermartin98 November 02, 2014
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