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One whose head measures a foot or more in height
Dude, check out that foothead!
Fuck. His head's bigger than a big sandwich!!
by James Bassett Symons May 28, 2009
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A game in which two people attempt to gently connect their foot with their opponent's head and/or face. The scoring system is decided before play, and can range anywhere from awarding points for method of takedown to cumulative points for the duration of foot-to-head connectivity. Extra points are awarded if you can actually make your opponent gag from the scent.

(This game is not to be confused with the game kickhead. In fact, you lose points if you kick your opponent's head.)
Chuck Norris: "Hey, you wanna play foothead?"
Victim: "..."
by kendega October 16, 2010
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A sport played using a styrofoam hat mannequin head. The game has a few simple rules:

1. Boundries and scoring areas are set according to the space avaiable. It can be played in a 3x3 apartment in Manhatten or on a football field.

2. When a player with the foothead enters their teams scoring area they gain fourteen points. The foothead is then kicked to the other team.

3. The game is over when it is noticed that a player is bleeding. The team with the most points after such event is the winner.
We played foothead for three hours before John started to bleed. It was just rugburn.
by Sgt. Awesome August 11, 2006
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