1. Evidence that a person or organization has shot themselves in the foot.
2. Performance of a colossal screw-up while trying to further a public figure's agenda. Particularly regarding the Church of Scientology.
3. A mistake made by a public figure or their agents which has been pointed out in order to embarrass them or reinforce the failure.
1. Subject: SCO's "Legal Advice" Footbullet
Here is SCO saying that they got specific legal advice to keep distributing Linux two month after their lawsuit: LINK HERE

They can't say they were ignorant of whatever alleged IP of theirs was in there and in fact said their lawyers told them to distribute it. These clowns are just so funny looking back at what they said in retrospect.

2. Subject: CCHR FOOTBULLET at Oxford Careers Fair 2/02/07

Operators of the stall, hosted by The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, told students that psychiatrists were responsible for genocide in the Balkans.

They offered no career advice at the fair, which included representatives from the public, charity and campaigning sectors. Several students were "deeply offended" by the operators' remarks.

3. Operation Foot Bullet, a joke at Scientology's expense; the Scientologists who's job it is to "contribute" to ARS ((alt.religion.scientology)) (through Google Groups) often seem to be doing so poorly, it's as if they're shooting themselves in the foot.
by Anonymous509 March 24, 2008
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