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To play a football player no matter how bad a criminal offense the player committed. This was a strategy started by Tom Osborne at the University of Nebraska. It has since caught on by other programs though and is a common way to work out social problems and a troubled past of football players.
Man, did you hear that Duwayne Washington got caught selling marijauna? Do you think he'll play? I sure hope so. Hopefully, coach will give him a talking to and maybe suspend him for this week. Apply some football psychology and maybe some wind sprints. We sure need him once we start conference play though. Colorado is so much stronger this year!

Jesus! Did you hear Tyrell got convicted on rape charges?! He's way past working out his problems on the gridiron though! That nigga's gone for this season! No football psychology is going to help him out of this one, I'm afraid.

Did you hear that Jones sold his Heisman Trophy on E*bay and is stealing cars to support his meth addiction? He stayed about as clean as could be expected by his years at Nebraska. I guess that football psychology was good for four years though! That boy should have stayed in school and got a master's and PhD in football psychology!

by Z train March 04, 2006
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