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when your prince charming, the hottest man in the universe has you so worked up from feeding you juicy, ripe, sweet pineapple from his unbelievably delicious, godlike face after he has gobbled blueberry pie from your juiced up pussy and he turns you from your spot of lying naked on the dining room table and you put your foot in the unused blueberry pie and realise how so very lucky you are to have stepped in shit to meet this amazing soul that engages you on such a level that no other has ever even approached and sadly probably no one ever will again....and you say a prayer that you can keep engaging him in the same mental and physical way until you can let go of your baggage and reach that peak of all he is with him for a moment of the bliss such a match that only girlish fairy tales tell of and the throne he stands on even just for a moment with him.
Sharon put her foot in the pie when she met her cake boi and hopes he sticks around long enough for her to take full pleasure in that xxx box.
by Squeakie Sharon November 12, 2009
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