An individual with no friends to speak of, who often fofs for lack of anything better to do.
("Foffing" while thinking of past friends is generally considered a rather insulting and disturbing act.)
I used to know a guy named August. Now he's nothing but a shameful foffer. All he talks about is fof this, fof that, foffing himself, it's so gross.
by Wannabe Grandpa August 01, 2007
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A lurker, stalker, or a general annoyance who never goes away; also, someone who always tries to be apart of a group or conversation by physically interjecting himself without saying a word. Someone who is seemingly your third shoulder although you never talk to them, usually shown as someone who can stand behind you within 2 feet for more than a minute without you realizing it. Can also be used in verb form; to fof. If an occurance where a foffer fofs someone, it is known as a foffing.
"This foffer was totally trying to listen to what i was saying to Dave, so we moved a few feet away. He followed us though, so finally i had to glare at him to get him to leave."
"Dude, this guy was totally foffing me for super long! I didn't even realize it until i happened to turn my head and see him right over my shoulder!"
"Poor Erica, she just got a a major foffing from that creeper over there."
by Arkanian May 14, 2009
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