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a term, also referred within the scientific world as the F1N1 virus, used to describe a yet undefined act. This act is illegal for those under 18 and must not be associated with the word "foetus". If you are foetusing with Obama, it refers to a line dance common in texas. However, if you are foetusing someone else and you are caught, well, off to the nunnery for you-you criminal creepy child.

If someone wants to send in a movie of them foetusing, go for it, we need examples of this act in order to make a better definition.
a) I foetused myself last night, using HarvIc publication book titled "foetusing and you: tools for foetusing"

b) Me and Obama foetused all night long (me and Obama line danced in true texas style last night, you werent there you unlucky A-Hole)

c) I foetused you in the streets after my 16th birthday. Oh (go to the nunnery immediately. you may go to jail as well)
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