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Child aged 0-12 who talks about FNAF all the time in their high-pitched voice.
FNAF Fan Boy: dude i think phone guy from FNAF is the purple guy

edgy teen: i don't care

FNAF Fan Boy: do you believe 83 or 87?

edgy teen: i don't care!

FNAF Fan Boy: i can't wait for FNAF world!

edgy teen: I DONT CARE!!
by Cobble November 03, 2015
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trash keyboard warrior
A angry 5 year old who believes five night's at freddy's is the best game ever.
Ordinary person: Fnaf is an unscary pile of rubbish.
Fnaf fanboy:WUT F0CK U HATTER12121212!!!!?!?!?!?!
by Stalin-The definer December 31, 2015
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