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The ultimate power in the universe known to man. Superior to anything else used for combat, including people and devices.
Don't piss Corby off or he'll send his Flying Ninja Monkeys after you!
by V-Man December 14, 2004
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Flying Ninja Monkeys(AKA FNM's) were once the dominant race on this planet...however after hundreds of years of war between them and Flying Ninja Gorillas(AKA FNG's-see Flying Ninja Gorrilas for definition) the FNM's decided to hide their survivors and reamin in secrecy...only recently has their been rhumours of 2 wise men known as Corby And Vahon, have been able to command these FNM's...i was among the first to fall to their extreme power...WARNING: let no force ever underestimate their power.
Bushes presence in Iraq is not only for the oil....that is a cover story....he is looking for the power to control FNM's and FNG's
by Victum Of Their Wrath January 04, 2005
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