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The act of pwning or semi-pwning a loved one, friend, or stranger followed exclusively by some sort of reaction of frustration manifesting itself verbally or silently.

In such situations, similar to a court of law, if it isn't a 100% verifiable that there was or wasn't pwnage, the initiator probably did pwn, just as if there is any doubt in a court the accused isn't guilty. Almost always, the purpose of a fluster pwn is to get a rise out of the one it is directed towards so that he or she who dictated the pwnage can then say "fluster pwn" in an irritating manner repeatedly.
Tommy began to tease Kendra about how poorly she played Halo 3.

Tommy (sarcastic): Wow, you are so good at Halo 3!!!

Kendra: Shut up!!!! You know I suck at this game. God, I just can't take you anymore!

Tommy: Fluster Pwn!!!!! (repeated slowly three times so he could gauge the reactions and adjust the response accordingly)
by legalpwn January 07, 2010
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