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(noun) A cavity found in female humans running from the vulva (open end) to the cervix (closed end). The cup is scientifically termed the vagina, affectionately termed the pussy or honey pot, spiritually referred to as the yoni by followers of the Aryan tradition, but disrespectfully known as the cunt! Fluff is the term used to refer to the pubic hair that naturally grows around vulva. In ancient times all adult cups were fluffy, with the exception of those of individuals suffering from a condition called alopecia, but today due to the playboy wax job, the term is no longer universally applicable. Today's preferred configuration is the Brazilian.
1. A seasoned speed-dater may get to the point and ask: “May I drink from your fluffy cup madam?”

2. Her: “don’t you drink from the fluffy cup?”
Him: “I might if I could find my way out of this bush”
by Venth May 03, 2005
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