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Somebody who loves Pink Floyd music so much that they touch themselves whilst listening to it, giving themselves a floydgasm. (An an orgasm over Pink Floyd.)
E: Whoa, I had, like, five floydgasms last night, that's got to be a record.
B: Yeah, I touch myself whilst listening to Pink Floyd
E: Yeah, floydgasms are the best.
B: Pink Floyd music is sexy!
by pinkfloydian99 June 29, 2012
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A term used to discribe the feeling you get while listening, seeing, or thinking about anything that has to do with Pink Floyd.
Jerica: "Oh man, Roger Waters (Bass Guitar) just gave me a HUGE Floyd-gasm in that song!"
Sam: "Man, shut up. Buster, trick, MARK!"
by OldPink November 17, 2009
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