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The local master of the flow. He is the man to see when unsure how to grow filthy lettuce. There can only be 1 flowtician for a school, 1 for a team and 1 for the geographical region in which you live. Good examples would be the Minnesota All-Hockey Hair Team. Normally these beautswould all be flowticians in their own right, but the Hockey State is incredible. Canada is where the Flowtician originated though. It was 1979, and it was the last year you could go without bucket in the chel. This was monumental. As MacTavish skated down the wing, the hockey gods spoke to him. They said "Craig, you have the greatest flow we've ever seen, right behind Jagr and Duguay, but we have decided to make you the first ever flowtician". And with that the legend was born. Forever on, all flowticians became ferda, and any flowtician who hasn't added PSstories was a scrub.
flowtician-look above
by the grammar definer April 25, 2017
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