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Attachment to your rear end (exhaust pipe) that makes the sound of your engine louder and supposely helps you saving some gas...
That flow master you got in your 5.0 sounds mean
by noname1 October 04, 2005
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The most commonly found aftermarket cat-back exhaust system found on motor vehicles, especially domestic trucks and suv's. Generally popular for their relatively affordable price, large tip diameter, and loudass sound, they are one of the best selling exhaust systems to date. Although restrictive in design, most people think that the vehicles whom are equipped with such product is faster because they are fucking dumbshits when really it just chambers the exhuast flow to attain a certain frequency of sound that is relatively annoying and increases interior resonance. If you would like to be original with the sound of your car, don't buy a flowmaster. Flowmaster comes in several models, all of which suck my ass.
Dumbass: "hey did you hear that truck with the flows on it, it was fucking sick."

Me: "Fuck Flowmaster, they can kiss my ass."
by Cali4niaBreez October 02, 2005
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A device used to enhance sound, as that of an internal-combustion engine. An influential part of the annoying urban car/truck exhaust family; a big brother to the whistle tip.
In an interview about irritating exhaust systems, Bubb Rubb says: Den u gots da flows; dey be tripping bout da flowmasters.

Yo Tyrese! me and Eric are go-in get dem flowmasters den we be blAzin nukka! sheeeeet!
by Jackson Nylander March 08, 2003
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A Flow Master; a master sales man, the ability to sell anything, flow of personal connections.
You sold that lady a dead bird when she was on vacation in Atlantic City. Ty, you're a flow master.
by Flow Mastet Ty April 25, 2016
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