Flomosexuals, or as its internationally and critically known in social media sites as Flomos, are repugnant, stupid, ignorant, and utterly biased fans of American boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. They will defend to death any move Mayweather Jr. makes whether its boxing or non boxing related. They are locked in a perpetual, savage social media war against the Pactards, their bitter rivals and fan base of Mayweather's bitter boxing rival Manny Pacquiao.
Larry is so biased for floyd mayweather jr. im starting to think he's a flomosexual.

That guy is such a dumb flomo.
by Mr. S Archer March 27, 2015
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a man who attempts flow, but actually only looks gay.
"Wow. Did you see Tom Brady's new haircut? What a flomosexual."

"Dude, that style just isn't working for you. All you accomplish is being the worlds biggest flomosexual."
by Mr. River's Nutsack September 13, 2010
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